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The best designers in Ireland

20/06/2012 | By

Inside a run-down convent in Cork, a community of nuns, Travellers, recent immigrants, ex-offenders, recovering addicts, old and young came together to visualise and prototype a whole raft of future social services. This is what the Irish Examiner made of their story. Nuns have put their faith in a business process used by Nike and […]

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Village signs and rural isolation

02/06/2012 | By

Why do village signs look the way they do? Too often, we allow them to brand villages as old-time, backwards-looking and conservative. Children are the losers. Although the village in which I used to live is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, it doesn’t have a village sign worthy of attention – just the […]

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Back pain in young adults

01/06/2012 | By

Half of all adults aged 18-35 now experience back pain. The cost to society is around £12.3 billion a year. As Acting CEO of BackCare I fronted new research for the ‘Can You Feel My Pain?‘ campaign linking it to the ‘sit still’ culture in our schools and offices. This is what the Daily Telegraph […]

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Interview on Promethean Planet

07/05/2012 | By

I was delighted to be interviewed for PrometheanPlanet as part of the run-up to an  Education Fast Forward debate entitled Is this the Year of the Games? Innovation, Learning and Uncertainty. The debate, streamed live on the internet, involved EFF Fellows from around 12 different countries. Many people watched it live from the Stakeholder Design website, […]

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Raising hope in a sink estate

30/04/2012 | By

My first job in the charity sector was promoting the concept of community foundations – the embodiment of ‘Big Society’ thinking. As a result of the work, Guardian Society chose us as their first ever charity of the month. Here’s the accompanying feature. From the balcony outside his high rise flat, Nadim looks down at […]

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Energy efficient buildings

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