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Organising a ‘not like us’ educational study tour

14/05/2013 | By

Stakeholder Design’s ‘not like us’ study tours have been described by many school leaders as life-changing. Five years after the first trip was organised, two of the participating headteachers ran up to me in a hotel and told me that they still think about the tour every day. They can be seen in the video […]

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Back pain in young adults

01/06/2012 | By

Half of all adults aged 18-35 now experience back pain. The cost to society is around £12.3 billion a year. As Acting CEO of BackCare I fronted new research for the ‘Can You Feel My Pain?‘ campaign linking it to the ‘sit still’ culture in our schools and offices. This is what the Daily Telegraph […]

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The Societal Impact of Pain – how much does pain cost?

28/05/2012 | By

Here are some facts about the impact that chronic pain has on individuals, families and society as a whole. I’ll be speaking about this at the 2012 Societal Impact of Pain conference in Copenhagen, which runs from 29-31 May – the full programme is available here. Incapacity benefit already costs the UK economy £6.7 billion […]

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The Northern Ireland Pain Summit

11/05/2012 | By

In advance of the first Northern Ireland Pain Summit on Tuesday 15 May 2012, this very interesting radio interview establishes that one in five of the population are living in constant pain. As Chair of Pain UK, I am really looking forward to attending the event and welcoming the Pain Alliance of Northern Ireland as […]

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Education Fast Forward – live debate

13/04/2012 | By

The next EFF (Education Fast Forward) debate takes place on April 18, 2012, and is entitled Is this the Year of the Games? Innovation, Learning and Uncertainty. Fellows from around the world (including me) will be taking part in a live webcast using some amazingly realistic video conferencing technology provided by Cisco. If you’re interested, […]

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A Charter for 21st Century Learning

08/04/2012 | By | Add a Comment

Ireland’s commitment to becoming Europe’s leading digital economy will only work if it can supply workers with the right skills. But how do you teach them? Stakeholder Design was asked to run a workshop with students from all across Ireland to produce a charter for 21st century learning. This is what they said. 1. Cultivate […]

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